morioka chuo High school

International exchanges with the sister schools 2018

The visit to Taylor’s International School in Malaysia

Duration of the visit: March 9 ~ March 17, 2019
Number of student participants: 3

Comment of a second year student of SZ course
Visiting the sister school in Malaysia was a very precious experience for me. I made a presentation about the city of Morioka and the issues of education in Japan and Malaysia. I faced some difficulties such as demonstrating Sansa dance and making a presentation by myself but overall, I had a fulfilling week. I also found it interesting to see the differences in lifestyle and foods between Japan and Malaysia. I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers and parents who provided me such a wonderful opportunity.

The visit to Ta Quang Buu Secondary and High School in Vietnam

Duration of the visit: November 24~December 3, 2018
Number of student participants: 4

Comment of a second year student of SZ course
There are a few things that I learned from this visit. The first is the hospitality of the Vietnamese people. They organized various performances at the welcome party, and we were greeted by all the people we met on campus. As shay Japanese, we should follow their example. The other is their English proficiency. Most of the local students that we interacted with could carry out the conversation in English without any problems. I think we Japanese need to improve our English proficiency similar to the Vietnamese people. I discovered several new things on this visit and it was good.

The visit to Blanche de Castille in France

Duration of the visit: November 3 ~ November 24, 2018
Number of student participants: 3

Comment of a first year student of the SZ course
What I learned from this visit is that people’s freedom is well respected in France and the people take their responsibility in their daily life. I felt that many foreign people challenge things and succeed because they have experienced various things since they were young and become independent. I also felt that compared to France, gender equality in Japan has not yet materialized. I would like to keep contemplating about what I have learned from this trip and to make good use of these experiences.

The visit to Colegio Ward in Argentina

Duration of the visit: November 3 ~ November 21, 2018
Number of student participants: 4

A comment of a second year student of Z course
The people in Argentina greet each other by hugging and kissing. At first, I could not get used to this custom since I do not hug or kiss in my everyday life. But after staying 2 weeks in Argentina and had more understanding of their culture. I now miss the custom. The trip was stimulating, and I learned a lot from it. I could spend two fulfilling weeks surrounded by gentle and friendly people. I would like to try to go overseas again if there will be other opportunities.