morioka chuo High school

Visits to Sister Schools 2016

Learning a New Language

Ayako Saito Teacher

I went with three students to the International Linguistic School in Vladivostok, Russia for eight days in October of 2016.
This school has been designated as an International Baccalaureate school, and we participated in an event called International Day.
Our students danced the “Soran bushi” dance at this event.
We studied Russian every day, and used words like Spaseeba (thank you) khah-rah-SHOH (It’s OK).
It was good for the students to learn another foreign language in addition to English.
There were many things that I did not know about Russia before going there, but Principal Olga and all of the teachers and students warmly welcomed us and showed us around their school.
Thank you.

Things Our Students Learned at Oslo Handelsgymnasium; Developing International Education

Michihiro Oikawa, Teacher

I took a group of four students to Norway from November 30 to December 8, 2016.
I think that this was a great opportunity for students from both countries to learn about different languages, cultures, and each other.
The discovered similarities between their two countries, and it is wonderful that they were able to form a community in the time they were together.
Our students went to the Japanese Embassy in Norway, to Japanese language classes at high schools, to a Norwegian folk museum, and to a ski area.
These activities helped them to grow as people, to learn about other cultures, and to respect and be tolerant of others.
I was surprised on many occasions at how our well students interacted with their environment and at their thoughts about things on their visit to Oslo Handelsgymnasium , which is an elite school.
They did not have much knowledge or experience at the beginning of the trip, but I think that they gained a global perspective as they listened to people they met and discussed things with them.
I think that we need to create leaders who can find solutions to global problems, to develop our international program, and to educate young people who can act on the world stage.
am thankful for this opportunity.